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This a 8-week at home resistance training program is designed to help you shed body fat, tone up in all the right places and build strength. 


-4 days of workouts with 3 days of rest per week

-2 lower body days + 2 upper body days with an ab finisher on each day

-Sets, reps, intensity, and rest times 

-Warm up videos and cool down photos

-Video link demonstrations 


Minimal equipment is required but the more equipment, the better. Here is what I recommed: 

-set of dumbbells

-mini bands 

-long resistance bands w/handles (optional)

-jump rope (optional)

-sliders (optional)


                                   PLEASE READ BELOW 

There are no refunds on digitial goods. Please read all purchase and download instructions below before checking out.


Once purchase has been made, you will receive a link to download the guide in the Thank You page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.


    If you have any issues, please send me an email at with copy of your proof of purchase along with the subject line "8 Week Get Fit Home Purchase Inquiry"*



    Get Fit Summer Home Edition Guide

    • Nutrition is an important component when it comes to changing your physique. Therefore, this program is NOT gauranteed fat loss or muscle growth-that's determined by your calorie intake. You should not expect to lose body fat by doing this program unless your calories are set correctly. 


      This does Not include one on one nutritional guidance, supplement guidance or any form of personalized coaching. 

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