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The Dream Body Collective was created to help you go from feeling stuck to confidently building the body of your dreams, LOSE FAT & TONE UP and create a balanced and healthy lifestyle you love. 

Build The Body Of Your Dreams & Create A Balanced Lifestyle

This is a 12-week transformation program that will teach you the fundamentals of fitness, nutrition and mindset. Throughout the program, you will gain access to different modules every month. Each module will have video trainings by Cristalann, downloadable worksheets/templates and mini quizzes to make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful. 


Does This Sound Familiar?

Imagine If...

You find yourself frustrated because you are not seeing the results you want and nothing you do seems to be working.

You get discouraged when the scale goes up.

You are unhappy with your body and constantly compare yourself to other women.

You feel overwhelmed by all the information out there on what to do and how to start that you end not taking action at all.

You give up when you feel as if you ruined your diet.

You find it hard to stay consistent.

You avoid taking pictures, shopping for clothes and going out with friends.

You had a step by step proven process to help you lose fat and tone up without fad diets, doing hours of cardio and restricting your favorite foods.

You could treat yourself to pizza, cupcakes and wine every week without stressing about the scale tipping over or gaining all the weight back.

You woke up every morning excited and full of energy.

You gained major confidence to land that dream job, talk to your crush, take a dance class, rock a crop top and finally feel cute enough to wear a bikini.

You walked into the gym more motivated than ever to crush your workouts.

You finally mastered how to stay consistent.

You had a tribe of like-minded, empowered women to cheer you on, keep you accountable and support you every step of the way.




Dream Body Collective Modules

Module 1

Module 2


Module 3



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What You'll Get!



-Exclusive video modules, downloadable worksheets and more on all things nutrition, fitness and mindset.


-Based on your specific goals, level of experience and equipment available so you can start building the body of your dreams.

-You'll get access to a private training app with all of Cristalann's exercise demonstrations videos.


-Whether you prefer to have a structure plan to follow, count calories or track your macros. Together we will setup the best nutrition plan for your goals and lifestyle. 



-Weekly group coaching calls to connect with Cristalann and the Dream Body tribe, get all of your burning questions answered.

-Weekly one-one coaching calls with Cristalann.


-Access to our exclusive "Dream Body Collective" facebook community where you'll connect with other ambitious women.

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